Next generation strategic decisionmaking for corporates

Using military grade machine learning algorithms, we turn big data into valuable intelligence. We help surface potential partnerships, create market insights and discover new opportunities. Rely on smart algorithms for important strategic decisions.



Scan for valuable global partnerships

Our smart algorithms run 24/7, scanning the web for information on global partnerships. We collect data on collaborations between companies, organizations, universities, non-profits, et cetera.


Turn data into intelligence

Big data is good, usable intelligence is better. The algorithms work together scoping and structuring pieces of data into workable information.


Reach strategic business goals

We tailor the information to help you reach your business goals. Think strategic decision-making like partnerships, innovation and risk management.

Niek Hermus

Niek Hermus

Niek is an analytical entrepreneur who understands how to build algorithms and use the internet as a power tool. He continuously tweaks the self-made algorithms to gain the most valuable insights. Talk to him if you are interested in the capacities of our technology.

LinkedIn Julien Winkel

Julien Winkel

Julien Winkel

Serial entrepreneur Julien started his first company when he was 17 and never stopped since then. He makes sure the insights land on the right desk. Get in touch with him to see what InForIntelligence can do for your business.

LinkedIn Julien Winkel

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