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About InForIntelligence

Hired and working closely with the board of Randstad Japan to find a partner company that would solve their problem, Julien saw that a majority of his painstaking work could be automated, but there was a general lack of tools available.

Recognizing an opportunity, he teamed up with Niek and they started to work on AI that would find and map companies and their relationships.

Having written a thesis on emergence of Open Innovation, seeing the trend of accelerating globalisation, and evergrowing number of new companies, they realised that manual research is becoming wildly inefficient.

They saw this as an opportunity, and with capital from their previous company, they bootstrapped InForIntelligence in 2018 with a new mission of finding a perfect partner for every company. Year later already grown to a team of eight people, consisting of two trusted advisors, who help us with the growth or our company.

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