Inforintelligence partners with the Japanese corporate Kurita to support them by scouting innovative foreign companies

InForIntelligence B.V. (“InForIntelligence”) started a partnership with Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (“Kurita“), a corporate partner of the ‘Tech Business Camp Tokyo’ Acceleration program, ran by Accenture and held by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. InForIntelligence will use their ‘Company Scouting’ AI algorithm to strengthen Kurita’s ‘Open Innovation’ activities by sourcing and mapping companies worldwide based on the innovative needs of Kurita.


The world gets more and more globalized, and the overview of companies solutions are getting diluted. As the world gets more inter-connected, companies are facing challenges regarding technology development, innovation, and digitalization. As an answer to this, companies are searching for ways to face these challenges by finding specialized startups and small businesses which can solve their problems.

InForIntelligence created an algorithm which scouts for these kinds of specialized companies and matches them with the company which is searching for the solution.


After several successful pilots, Kurita decided to start a long-term agreement with InForIntelligence. With this partnership, InForIntelligence will support Kurita by sourcing and mapping company solutions based on Kurita’s corporate challenges and innovation goals.


“We are more than happy working with our first Japanese client. Right from the first meeting, we were enthusiastic about the thoughtfulness, openness and the future-orientated business execution of Kurita.” said Julien Winkel, Co-Founder InForIntelligence.



New Tech Business Camp Acceleration Program          

The acceleration program is held each year by Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the goal of inviting foreign startups with cutting-edge technologies and business models. They come to Tokyo and deepen their knowledge of both Japan’s unique market and the various needs of companies in Japan. Furthermore, by providing Japanese companies the opportunity to familiarize themselves with foreign startup technologies, the program aims to cultivate business matching and attract foreign companies to Tokyo.


About InForIntelligence

InForIntelligence, a Dutch ‘company scouting’ startup, located in the heart of Amsterdam, helps corporates by sourcing companies based on corporate needs. The moment a corporate is looking for specialized companies in a specific field, InForIntelligence comes to the fore. They run their AI algorithms and provide their clients with a list of companies.

Moreover, InForIntelligence uses state-of-the-art algorithms to uncover which innovative technology trends corporates are focussing on. More information could be found at


About Kurita

Headquartered in Tokyo, Kurita Water Industries is one of the world’s largest suppliers of water treatment solutions. More than 6,000 employees support its customers to improve the efficiency of industrial plants and reduce environmental footprints through comprehensive capabilities that combine three business segments: Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Facilities, and Maintenance Services. Learn more at

“We are proud to support them in achieving their corporate mission, namely ‘to create an environment in which nature and man are in harmony'” Julien Winkel